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"The only thing that will redeem

humanity is COOPERATION"

Bertrand Russell



Thanks to the collaboration with companies in the sector, we are able to advise and propose filtration systems for neat and emulsifiable oils.

Our systems are capable of removing the calamine from the quenching tanks or of cleaning the emulsions of the mechanical processes from the fine shavings or metal powder.

In case of oil leaks guides inside the emulsions it is possible to integrate an oil remover to the filtration system.



Within our laboratory we are able to provide you with all the assistance needed for check,to analyze and advise you on how to treat your fluid to ensure adequate service life.

The approach based on green chemistry and absolutely innovative products allows us to know the parameters to check in order to meet the expectations of the end user and the high quality standards required in today's manufacturing industry.



Our metallurgical skills combined with a solid experience in the field of industrial lubricants allows us to be not only simple suppliers, but the real ones consultants for your business.

Through our collaborators we can follow you in the LCA study of your products, to demonstrate the CO2 equivalent generated by your production process and we can assist you with any product certification.

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How many times did you find yourself unable to manage your process due to the use of a non-performing product, How many times did you have to deal with complaints from operators about the annoying smell, polluted fumes, dermatitis or flames generated by your product in use?
How many times have you had to worry about Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA inspections or complaints from your neighbour?

Our goal is to help you solve problems. These problems. Together.

We put our experience, skills and passions at your service with the aim of ensuring common technological, professional and personal growth.

We create synergies to enable our customers to create value


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